P5 – Miss McKee, Mr Hughes & Miss Sweeney

P5a Class teacher   Miss McKee

P5b Class teacher   Mr Hughes

P5c Class Teacher  Miss Sweeney

Below is the Primary 5 Curriculum Content Planner for term 3:

Year 5 Curriculum Content – Term 3


P5a – Wednesday

P5b – Thursday

P5c – Wednesday


P5a –  Session 1 – Tuesday (Basketball coaching)
Session 2 – Wednesday

P5b –  Session 1 – Tuesday (Basketball coaching)
Session 2 – Wednesday

P5c – Session 1 – Monday (Basketball coaching)
Session 2 – Tuesday

Library bus

every second Monday


Every Tuesday – this term the children are looking at Coding.


Children are expected to spend 20 – 30 minutes each night from Monday to Thursday on their homework. They should be encouraged to read either independently or with an adult every night.

In  addition to regular written homework, children will complete a mental maths task each night. This will be the main focus of homework on a Monday and should be followed up on each night thereafter. It is important that the mental maths task is completed with an adult and that the work is signed on completion.

Parents should sign written homework to encourage good presentation and check for errors. As well as spelling test books and reading records.

Accelerated Reading

Accelerated reading is a new reading programme that the school are rolling out across key stage 2. Children are encouraged to read books and take online quizzes on what they have read. There is a scoring system that awards points when quizzes have been passed. Throughout each term, children will be given individual targets to hit and prizes are awarded at the end of each half term. We hope that this new programme will develop children’s love of reading.