Speech, Language and Communication Centre – Mrs Conlon (Acting Co-ordinator), Mrs Kelly Bogue & Miss Friel

Welcome to our Speech, Language and Communication Centre. Our pupils receive extra support with their speech language and communication skills from dedicated speech therapists. This work is consolidated in the classroom and targets and useful strategies are shared with parents at regular meetings. Pupils have opportunities to work and learn together with their peers in the mainstream school. Our pupils follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum. Teachers plan together and share best practice with colleagues, learning support assistants and speech therapists.

P1/2 Class teacher (Acting Coordinator) – Mrs Conlon  room 7

P2/3 Class teacher – Mrs Kelly-Bogue   room 8

P3/4 Class teacher – Miss Friel  room 9


Speech Therapy Home Programme: Each child has an individual Speech Therapy Programme which is tailored to suit the individual needs of each child and activities are set for parents to reinforce at home.

Year 1/2 – Children should spend 10 minutes each night on their homework. Each child has a Home-School communication book to keep parents informed of their childs progress and are welcome to add their own comments.

Year 3 / 4 – Children are expected to spend 15 – 20 minutes each night from Monday to Thursday on their homework. They should be encouraged to read either independently or by an adult every night. Parents should sign written homework to encourage good presentation and check for errors.

Curriculum Content

Year 1 SLC Mrs Conlon Curriculum Content – Term 3

Year 2/3 SLC Mrs Kelly-Bogue Curriculum Content – Term 3

Year 3/4 SLC Mrs Friel Curriculum Content – Term 3